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About UniCare

At UniCare, we understand that your health needs are one of your top priorities. As such, we make your health our top priority to ensure that you and your family's health needs come first – regardless of where you go or your circumstances. UniCare is 100% dedicated to providing the best personalized service available anywhere, because your health comes first.

UniCare is the health benefits company trusted by more individuals insured through the Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission (GIC). For over 30 years, UniCare has served state and municipal employees, retirees, and their dependents insured through the GIC. All of our plans give members freedom of choice and total access to their doctors.

What is the GIC?

The GIC is the state agency responsible for the UniCare State Indemnity Plan design and for payment of all benefits. Funding and insurance for the Plan are provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. UniCare provides administrative services such as claims processing, member services, and utilization management for the GIC.