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Ibis Health Program for Retirees - FAQs

February 24, 2023

UniCare has partnered with Ibis Health to offer virtual care & chronic disease management services to chronically ill patients. You can receive daily connected virtual care to help you manage multiple chronic conditions at home, with round the clock monitoring and instant health alerts and one-to-one monthly support. The Ibis Health program is offered at no-extra cost to UniCare Medicare Extension plan members.

What is Ibis Health?

Ibis Health (Ibis) is a chronic disease management program focused on education, empowerment, and self-management. Ibis uses technology to engage subscribers with their daily care plan and connect them to a virtual care team. Leveraging reported health data, Ibis provides early intervention and triage services to address chronic disease exacerbations in the home.

Who Qualifies for Ibis Health?

  • Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Part B with two or more chronic condition diagnosis
  • Conditions include but are not limited to: COPD, Heart Failure, Kidney Disease, Diabetes, unmanaged Hypertension, and Depression/Anxiety

How does it work?

  • Users receive a tablet, fully covered by their insurance, where they enter their daily self-assessment data
  • Ibis Clinicians receive data and are able to monitor and immediately intervene when necessary
  • Members track goals and use Ibis to modify their behavior over time to improve their health at home

What is the recruitment process?

Ibis Health mails an introduction packet to eligible subscribers and places up to 2 calls to qualified subscribers. Subscribers who opt-in to Ibis Health are shipped their monitoring kit and trained on how to use it. 

What do Ibis participants get if they sign up?

Ibis Health provides the tablet and medical equipment to participants at no cost. Care plan details (medication, vitals, exercise, therapies, appointments, etc.) are collected from their primary care physician and loaded onto their device. The participant is introduced by video and telephone to their Ibis Health Care Team, including an Ibis Health Nurse, Clinician, and Advocate. All Ibis Health data is coordinated with the member’s PCP and/or Specialists and protected by HIPAA.

What if the participant doesn’t have WiFi?

Ibis Health provides a SIM card for the use of connecting the tablet to the internet.

What is the commitment to participate?

None! Ibis Health members can choose to unenroll at any moment.

Will this impact their relationship to their PCP?

Ibis Health does NOT replace your PCP, but rather engages them with your Ibis Health data so they are more informed about your health at home.

Can my loved ones connect with Ibis Health?

Ibis Health has multiple ways to keep your loved ones informed like a daily text message in the morning summarizing your health from yesterday or sending a simple health report when you let Ibis Health know you are unwell.

Is my health data safe?

Ibis Health is a healthcare provider that adheres to all standards of HIPAA. As a tech company, secure data storage is one of our strengths.

Learn more here or call 888-626-9995.