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Support your health and well-being with the Sydney Health mobile app

January 04, 2024
For personalized support and health topics that interest you, SydneySM Health offers useful health and wellness tips and individualized action plans that can help you reach your goals. You can also find and connect with clinical and well-being programs for a variety of topics, ranging from pregnancy to heart disease.

Set Goals

Answer ten questions about your health goals and Sydney Health will personalize your dashboard and show where you may be able to improve.

Learn About Healthy Living

Find videos and online articles with tips on healthy living, including nutritionist-approved recipes and meal plans.

Track Nutrition

Scan food and labels with your smartphone camera for quick logging or use voice commands. Customize your nutrition goals based on your preferences, such as keto.

Keep Moving

Stay motivated with support throughout your journey that includes rewards, profile badges, and points to help you stay on track.

Personalize Your Action Plan

Work toward your health goals and make healthy choices that fit your lifestyle. Plans include getting active, eating healthier, losing weight, reducing stress, and sleeping better.
You can even sync your wearable fitness device to the app for easy activity tracking.
To start tracking your activity*:
  • Log in to Sydney Health.
  • Select My Health Dashboard and go to Activity Tracking.
  • Select Manage Devices/Apps
    • If syncing an Apple® or Google™ device, use the Sydney Health app to connect and manage.
    • For other wearables, select from the list on the screen and follow the prompts and instructions.
Check out these features today by downloading the SydneyHealth app and visiting My Health Dashboard.