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Say Hi to Sydney, UniCare’s Mobile App

October 20, 2021

The Sydney app is simple, smart and all about you

Meet Sydney, the mobile app that’s all about you, your plan and your health care needs. It connects your questions to answers — and you to the right resources. Using it is like having a personal health assistant in the palm of your hand. 

Sydney connects you to everything you need to know about your health plan — all in one place. You can:

  • Find care and check costs: It’s easy to search for doctors, dentists, hospitals, labs and other providers in your plan. You can search by name, location and type of care. You can even filter by gender or languages spoken, then check costs before you go. This helps you find what’s best for you. 
  • View claims: With one click, you can check claims. That means you can spend more time focused on your health and less on managing your health benefits.
  • View and use digital ID cards: You can always have your most current ID card handy. And you can use it just like a paper one when you visit the doctor, dentist, pay for care and more.
  • See all benefits: Sydney shows you essential information at a glance, whether that’s an overview of your plan, health reminders or suggestions for wellness programs. You also can find your deductible, copay and share of costs.​
  • Use the interactive chat feature and get answers quickly: Simply type your questions in the app and get answers quickly. Plus, Sydney can suggest resources to help you understand your benefits, improve your health and save money.
Download the app today
Sydney is available for iPhone and Android and it’s free.