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Quality Centers and Designated Hospitals for Transplants


UniCare has designated certain hospitals as Quality Centers and Designated Hospitals for organ transplants. These hospitals offer specialized programs, experience, reputation, and the ability to provide high-quality transplant care.

We select participating transplant facilities based on their ability to meet defined clinical criteria that are unique for each transplant type. Healthcare providers must pass a rigorous review of their processes, performance, and expertise at delivering quality care.

You can choose any healthcare provider for these procedures, but your coverage is highest when you use one of these Quality Centers or Designated Hospitals. Transplants at these facilities are covered at 100% after the copay and deductible. Transplants at other hospitals are covered at 80% after the copay and deductible.

For more information about these facilities, call UniCare Provider Services at 800-480-7587 or send us an email.